Welcome to Ratliff Ukulele
I built my first instrument in 1971 while a
student at the Minneapolis College of Art
and Design, a five course, ten string,
Baroque guitar.  It was a long time before
I made another instrument as I was busy
with a career in art, moving to Southern
California, going back to college to study
science, working as an Engineering
Geologist, and pursuing other interests.  

A few years ago, while I was building
guitars as a hobby, I agreed to build a
ukulele for a friend.  After playing that
first soprano I was hooked, and I'm now
building ukuleles almost exclusively, and

Thank you for your interest in my
ukuleles.  The photo page is frequently
updated, so check back often.

Please contact me with any questions
you may have.

Thank you,

Dan Ratliff