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This "Blue Uke" has a rich, dark, master grade koa
back and sides, with a Engelman Spruce top. The
Honduran Mahogany neck has been reinforced with a
carbon fider rod and stained a vintage dark brown to
bring it closer to the shade of the body.  

The "R" headstock inlay, and fingerboard position
markers, are inlaid in abalone. It has black binding to
match the ebony fingerboard and bridge. As with all
my instruments, the back is slightly arched in both
directions. The neck in reinforced with a graphite
truss rod and joins the body at the 14th fret. There
are 19 frets total. The fingerboard, which is slightly
radiused for playability and aesthetic reasons, has
side dots to assist in positioning. The nut and
compensated saddle have been fashioned out of
bone. The pickguards were made from the same
master grade koa as the back and match perfectly.

The pickguards can be removed, if preferred and
come with an adhesive backing so they can be easily
attached to the instrument.

It has gold Goto tuners, with amber look buttons and
D Addario strings.

$1200 reduced too
Koa "Blue Uke"
Micro Guitar
This guitar has a tenor ukulele sized body and a 18.5 inch scale. It's tuned a perfect fourth
above standard guitar tuning or ADGCEA. The neck is attached to the body with a traditional
classical guitar "Spanish Heel" as is the case with all my instruments. I feel this makes a more
positive union between neck and body and enhances sustain. The ebony fingerboard has a
12 inch radius to enhance playability and to facilitate the playing of bar chords. The Honduran
Mahogany neck is narrow with a 1 7/8th inch width at the nut, and is reinforced with a carbon
fiber truss rod, as are all my instruments. Jumbo guitar frets have been
installed to give a more typically guitar feel to the instrument. The "R" and position markers at
the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets are mother of pearl. Side markers are also
provided. The bone nut and compensated saddle have been radiused to match the
fingerboard and the strings, at the saddle, have a spacing of approximately 13mm. It has
light-weight Gotoh Stealth tuners.  The top has a very light, approximately 2 inch long crack
that is well stabilized. It is very difficult to see and won't show up in the photos. But I feel
compelled to reduce the price from $1770.

$1670  SOLD

A ProTech case is included.
Mango and Spruce Concert
16 inch scale concert with a highly figured
Mango back and sides, and a Engelmann
Spruce top. It has a one piece Honduran
Mahogany neck reinforced with a carbon fiber
rod. The ebony fingerboard has abalone
positioning markers at frets 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15,
and 17 (same as a guitar). Side dots are also
provided. The headstock "R" is also inlaid in
abalone. The bone nut, compensated bone
saddle and ebony bridge have been radiused
to match the fingerboard. Open backed tuners
are made by Gotoh.


Ameritage case is $250
Blackwood Tenor
18.5 inch(470mm) scale tenor with Blackwood back and sides and a Engleman Spruce
top.The ebony fingerboard has nineteen frets and fret markers at the 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 15 and
17th frets. (Generally ukuleles have a fret marker at the 10th fret, but this seems
unnecessarily confusing for musicians who also play guitar.) The Honduran Mahogany
neck is joined to the body at the 14th fret using a Spanish Heel, a method traditionally
used by classical guitar builders. I feel this method of attaching the neck makes a more
"positive" connection between the neck and the body and increases sustain. The neck has
been reinforced with a carbon fiber rod for strength and stability. The fingerboard has
been radiused to facilitate a more natural "feel." Positioning dots and R inlay are mother of
pearl. Side dots are also provided. Tuners are Gotoh open-backed with ebony look