Price List
Soprano                     1250

Concert                      1350

Tenor                          1450

Baritone                     1550

Blue Uke (blue)        1200

Jazz Peanut (blue)  1300

Micro Guitar              1700

Mini Guitar (EIR)       1900
I spend approximately 100 hours building an instrument.
Consifering the time invested, I see no point in using
anything but the best materials available.

Prices are for master grade koa (or close to), except for the
Blue Uke and Jazz Peanut, which are curly maple and the
Mini Guitar, which is East Indian Rosewood.  Of course all
instruments can be made from any wood you like, with an
appropriate adjustment in price.  Slotted headstocks add
$400 to cost and include Waverly or other high quality
tuners.  A cutaway adds $300 to the cost.

Ameritage cases are $250 for a non-custom case without
the humidity control system.  With the humidity control
system it's $300.  A custom case for the Mini guitar, Blue
Uke and Jazz Peanut are $300 without and $350 with.